Who is Hans?

Hans Lindetorp is a lecturer at the department of music production and media production at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. He is just about to defend his PhD thesis at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm in June 2024.

He has a background as a freelancing pianist, singer, choir leader, composer, arranger and musical director. He is a music teacher and educator with experience from lecturing at bachelor’s and master’s level at the university as well as teaching the basics to children in first and secondary school.

Hans is also a programmer with experience from artistic, research, and educational projects. He founded the Swedish Company Sourceforce with Mats Liljebladh and Bjarne Nyquist in 1998 building the (at that time) market leading MIDI plugin for Macromedia Director (Sequence Xtra).

He contributed to a series of interactive, educational products, including IMUS (funded by The Swedish Knowledge Foundation) and AVID Sibelius Groovy Music. Hans was also the developer behind Ola Pehrson’s artistic project “Nasdaq Vocal Index”.