About waxml

waxml is a descriptive language for building web audio applications. You can build anything from simple audio generators to advanced MIDI synthesizers, mixing consoles, and implement interactive music in games without a single line of javascript. And it is really easy to learn. If you understand HTML, then you will understand WAXML.

It has proven to be very useful for teaching basics in sound and music interactions and has been used for hundreds of student projects since 2018.

WAXML is a research project initiated by Hans Lindetorp and the code base is not intended for commercial use, which means that it can be used as-it-is without any warranties or garanties for future updates or bug-fixes.

Hopefully, there will come a day where features like this are standardized and supported in all browsers. In the meantime, I hope WAXML will contribute to a lot of fun, creativity, and learning.

Hans Lindetorp,
Stockholm 2024