WAXML – Quick Start

The fastest way to getting started with WAXML is to use p5.js. Go to https://editor.p5js.org/hanslindetorp/sketches/zTL6U-ieN and hit PLAY and you will here the note “A” with a frequency 440Hz. This is defined in the audio.xml file.

(If you can’t hear the sound directly, just click anywhere on the background to activate audio from the web page).

  1. Create an account on p5.js so you can duplicate and save Sketches
  2. Try to change the frequency. Save and Play.
  3. Try to change the type of the oscillator to “sawtooth” or “square” or “triangle”. Save and Play to test again.
<OscillatorNode frequency="440" />

Now try to upload an audio file into the audio folder and add it to the configuration:

<AudioBufferSourceNode class="sound1" src="audio/your-file-name.mp3" />

No sound? Correct! You need to trigger the playback of an audio file. So, now go to the index.html file and add a button that triggers the object with the corresponding class name (“sound1” in this case):

<button data-waxml-click-trig="sound1">Trig Sound 1</button>

There is a lot mor to learn about WAXML.



Interactive examples:

WAXML Synth Collection
MediaPipe + WAXML
WebAudio – Sensor Instruments



If you prefer a local editor and test server, then feel free to download the Sketch and start editing the files in the directory.