WAC24 – WAXML Workshop

Welcome to the WAXML workshop at Web Audio Conference ’24! Bring your laptop, your smartphone and make yourself an account at https://editor.p5js.org/ and we are ready to go.


WAXML is an XML language and an OpenSource javascript plugin for making web audio applications. It makes Web Audio as easy as HTML and does not require any javascript. It is created by Hans Lindetorp and is freely available for download at https://github.com/hanslindetorp/WebAudioXML. It is intended for research and education and is not optimized for commercial use.

For simplicity, we will run all examples online using the P5js. Make sure you have an account for the editor. For every example:

  1. Duplicate the Sketch
  2. Edit
  3. Save
  4. Play on your computer or share a fullscreen link to your smartphone

Audio synthesis

Webcamera & MediaPipe


Gyroscope & Accelerometer

Remember to


  • $deviceMotionAccelerationX
  • $deviceMotionAccelerationY
  • $deviceMotionAccelerationZ

  • $deviceMotionRotationRateAlpha
  • $deviceMotionRotationRateBeta
  • $deviceMotionRotationRateGamma

  • $deviceOrientationAlpha
  • $deviceOrientationBeta
  • $deviceOrientationGamma

Interactive Music With Sync